Yalmans Logistics offers the right solutions for your business with experience and confidence.

Yalmans Fulfillment

Fulfillment Services

Yalmans provides Germany-based fulfillment, intermediate warehouse and return warehouse services throughout Europe. You can access more detailed information on

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Yalmans Warehouse

Warehouse Services

Yalmans provides Germany-based fulfillment, intermediate warehouse and return warehouse services throughout Europe. You can access more detailed information on

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International Logistics

Our international logistics services are managed by our solution-oriented and experienced team. As Yalmans Logistics, we offer you the fastest and safest services.

Road Freight

As Yalmans Logistics, we transport the loads of our exporters and importers operating on the Turkey-Europe line, both in full and in part, by land. In order for our customers to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions, we use the speed advantage of road transport in the most effective way.
In addition to the minivan service we offer for loads up to 1400 kilograms, we make a difference with our express and ultra express transportation options.

As Yalmans Logistics, we offer special solutions for your partial loads to all of Europe, and we add a cost advantage to the transit time advantage. Thanks to the strong infrastructure we have in Turkey and Europe, we effectively deliver your partial loads to your desired destination. In our transportation network extending to Germany, Italy, Benelux and Balkan countries, as well as the United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries; We also offer dangerous goods transportation and refrigerated transportation services.

As Yalmans Logistics, we load your complete loads at any time, choose the most suitable route and deliver them directly and quickly to the destination. We complete the transportation operation with a single vehicle and safely deliver your cargo that is not exposed to any external influences.

We offer express transportation services, one of the most effective ways to reduce transit times in land transportation, to our customers with our load-specific solutions. In order not to be affected by the restrictions imposed on the driving times of the drivers in Europe, we double the time that the vehicle is active and continues on its way without stopping by exiting with a double driver in line with the demands of our customers.

Efficiency increases considerably in complete transports that are carried out in a certain order and continuously. For this reason, we become partners in the business processes of our customers and ensure that they receive regular and cost-effective service.

With our ultra express delivery option, we take the express transports we carry out with two drivers one step further. If our customers request, we increase the number of drivers to 3 in order to minimize the transit time. Thus, we offer a great advantage in terms of speed by ensuring that the vehicle continues on its way along the route without stopping.

Sea Freight

As Yalmans Logistics, we offer intercontinental proactive logistics solutions to our customers around the world with our wide agency network and our knowledge and experience.
Our team conveys all operational information to you, from customs clearance to delivery, accurately and on time.

Our Services;
• – Regular weekly departures.
• – FCL Container Import / Export shipments.
• – ICL Container Import / Export shipments.
• – Openton, Flatrack, Reefer Iso Tank, Flex etc. container shipments.
• – Timely delivery of documents.

In addition to the services we offer, we also organize special sea transports for your heavy tonnage or out of gauge shipments.


In today’s world where consumption is increasing, it is seen that there is an increase in production at the same rate depending on this increase. For this reason, Air Freight comes to the fore as speed gains importance in supplying the products needed by the producer and the consumer and meeting the urgent needs.
Yalmans Logistics offers fast, economical, quality solutions and alternative services to its customers in air transportation, which has an important place in the sector.
The received cargoes are tracked until they are delivered to the destination, and the shipping information is transferred to the sender and the receiver in full.
Yalmans Logistics continues to be the most reliable solution partner of its customers in Air Freight.


Minivan transportation, which is used as an alternative to airline logistics, stands out with its speed and cost advantage. We deliver door to door. In addition, thanks to our self-owned tented minivans, we offer our customers a carrying capacity of up to 3.5 tons.

You can find detailed information about the transit times of our minivan transportation service, which we deliver as soon as possible by choosing the most appropriate route, on our map.