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E-commerce has become one of the fastest growing and developing sectors in the world in a very short time. Many large and small-scale companies in our country are undertaking initiatives in this sector and many of them choose the European market as their target. However, finding the right product is not enough to be successful in this market. It is essential to have a fast, flexible and reliable partner by your side. Many companies in our country provide services in this regard, but companies in need of logistics have not yet been able to work with a logistics company that is suitable for them. Yalmans Logistics was created with this mission and vision. Yalmans Logistics offers you all the services you need to be successful in the European e-commerce market. We pick up your products at your door and ship them to Europe quickly and reliably. Here, in addition to the classic road, we also offer express road or air cargo service depending on the urgency. After completing the European customs procedures without any problems, we deliver it to the final delivery point. Here, too, Yalmans Logistics is with you with all its flexibility. For customers selling on Amazon, we offer pick up service from our warehouse in Germany.


International Logistics and Warehouse

As Yalmans Logistics is an Amazon Carrier Partner registered in Germany, it can make direct appointment shipments to Amazon Germany warehouses. In addition, Yalmans Logistics offers you stock and fulfillment services in an area of ​​10.000 m². You can stock your products at more affordable prices than Amazon warehouses, and when the need arises, you can have Yalmans prepare FBA parcels and send them to Amazon warehouses, or you can benefit from our Yalmans fulfillment service according to your needs. Providing services to companies whose number is increasing rapidly in the fulfillment sector, Yalmans Logistics is not only more convenient than Amazon, but also prepares the way for you to be successful in the European e-commerce market with its accessibility and customer-oriented work. In addition to logistics operations, the subject, which is a very big factor, is the taxes and tax refunds in the European Union. Since Yalmans Tax and Yalmans Logistics work under the same roof, your tax refunds reach you quickly and without delay. Depending on the stage of your company, you can benefit from Yalmans Consulting services and learn how to establish a successful e-commerce company in Europe.

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