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Road Freight
The most effective and fastest solutions for import, export, fulfillment and warehouse
Sea Freight
The most effective and fastest solutions for import, export, fulfillment and warehouse
Airway Transport
The most effective and fastest solutions for import, export, fulfillment and warehouse
Railway Transport
The most effective and fastest solutions for import, export, fulfillment and storage
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We provide you with the most suitable transportation method by performing all your land, sea, air and rail transports in the field of import and export with our wide agency portfolio.

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Road Freight
We can effectively organize and manage road transport processes that can be used effectively in many parts of the world. Land transportation, which has a great place in the international transportation sector, is among the most preferred methods. Transport safely with Yalmans Logistics.
Sea Freight
We can use maritime logistics, which has a large share in world trade in terms of the amount of products transported, for your transportation operation by ensuring the safety and insurance of your products. With Yalmans Logistics, you are a few steps ahead of your competitors in international trade. Check out the sea freight details now.
Airway Transport
Air transport, which has an active role in world trade due to its speed and safety, is mostly preferred for this reason. Thanks to our agreements with airline agents, we provide the fastest transportation safely in order for your products to reach the target countries safely. See how fast you can be with Yalmans Logistics.
Minivan Transport
Minivan transportation, which is the most convenient way to transport less products more quickly, is of great importance for export and import. Although it is mostly used for domestic transportation and distribution, it also plays a role in international product transportation from time to time.
Warehouse & Fulfillment
Yalmans undertakes the short-term storage or long-term storage services for you in many countries of the world. We provide fulfillment services for you, under the umbrella of Yalmans, to pick up your products from the country you are in and deliver them to the warehouses in the target country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Questions at Yalmans Logistics

You can reach Yalmans Logistics with your questions about international logistics, transportation, warehouse and fulfillment services.

It is the sale of the products over the internet and the delivery of them to the buyers (customers) by various transportation (cargo) methods.

E-Export is to offer your products for sale outside the borders of Turkey over the internet, through e-commerce platforms or in international market places and to send these products to reach your customers there.

Fulfillment is used in the sense of order fulfillment. Fulfillment service covers all operations carried out for incoming products. Warehouse stacking, packaging, barcoding and shipping services of products are within the scope of fulfillment.

International transportation is the name given to all of the logistics methods used to export products outside the borders of Turkey or to import products from abroad to be offered for sale in Turkey.