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Privacy Policy

By filling out the electronic form, persons entering this website are informed by Yusuf YALMAN Company’s Head Office in Germany, as the data controller, about the processing of their personal data for the purposes described below.


This disclosure is made within the scope of the provisions of the Data Controller’s Clarification Obligation, which is regulated in Article 10 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698.


Processing Your Personal Data – Your personal data, whose titles are stated below, are recorded in the personal data inventory in the ways specified in our personal data policy.


Name and surname


E-mail address


Phone number


your message


Collection Method of Your Personal Data: Your personal data is obtained through the contact form you fill in on the website.


Personal Data Processing Purposes: ; In this context, your personal data is processed through special database software for the following purposes.


Execution / Supervision of Business Activities


Receiving and Evaluating Suggestions for Improvement of Business Processes


Conducting Business Continuity Ensuring Activities


Execution of Goods / Services After-Sales Support Services


Ensuring the Security of Data Controller Operations


Providing Information to Authorized Persons, Institutions and Organizations


Managing and executing the company’s main activities,


Fulfilling the contractual obligations of the Company,


Developing the services of the company and the website by analyzing the data


Providing faster and more effective service to people who fill out the contact form


Legal Reasons for Processing Your Personal Data: Your Personal Data is processed for the following legal reasons:


Contract signing


Data processing is mandatory for the establishment, exercise or protection of a right


Data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject.


Transfer of your personal data Personal data regarding your company visit record may be transferred to the following authorized public institutions and organizations.


Your Rights – To the extent that your data is processed by the Company and the Company processes your data as a data controller, you have the following rights regarding your personal data:


Learning whether any of your personal data has been processed;


Requesting information regarding the processing activities of your personal data;


Learning the purposes of processing your personal data;


If personal data has been transferred to third parties in the country or abroad, learning these persons;


Requesting correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed;


Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data if the reasons for the processing of personal data disappear or the Company does not have a legal basis or legitimate interest to process the said data;


Requesting the Company to ensure that third parties, also authorized by the Company, who process personal data respect your rights under this section;


Objecting to adverse results that may arise as a result of processing personal data through automated systems


To request compensation for the damage in case you suffer damage due to the unlawful processing of your personal data.


Application to Data Controller – You can send your requests within the scope of Article 11 of the Law, which regulates the rights of the person concerned, in writing to the physical address of our Company in accordance with the “Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles of Application to a Data Controller” or to our company’s e-mail address where your membership is confirmed.


Data Controller Disclosure – As the COMPANY whose detailed corporate information is published below, we will use your personal data as Data Controller in accordance with the relevant legislation in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698.


Data Controller Title: Yalmans GmbH
E-mail address: [email protected]
Physical Mail address: Yalmans GmbH, Alte Frankfurter Str.181 Braunschweig | DE278698772 HRB 203140 Amtsgericht Braunschweig